Test Taking Accommodations 


Proctoring Policy

Disability Services

Universtiy of Wisconsin Stevens Point


A test proctor is a trained student facilitator who is qualified and paid to proctor tests/exams for Disability Services.  A proctor is responsible for the test/exam and its administration; and may be responsible for reading or scribing depending on the individual needs of the person being tested.


Since the proctor is responsible for the test/exam, the test/exam will always be in the presence of the proctor or Disability Services personnel from the time it is picked up to the time it is delivered to the instructor.  Therefore, a proctor will be in the room with a student taking a test/exam.  There is no exception to this policy (unless telecommunication devices are used in the future).


Students who are taking tests/exams in Disability Services will have a proctor present in the room with them, just as students who take tests/exams in various locations throughout campus have proctors in the room.  It is imperative that the test/exam be monitored in all test-taking locations in order to guarantee protection of the test/exam.


Students will leave all personal belongings (backpacks, book-bags, purses, cell phones, etc.) with the proctor.  Only a pen/pencil, test form and answer sheet(s) will be allowed with the student, unless other items are specified by the professor/instructor in writing/email.


Students are to use the restroom prior to the beginning of the exam and should not use the restroom during test-taking time.


Students are to turn in their test/exam to the proctor at the designated time and are not to request additional time.


Proctors are required to report any deviation from this policy as well as students cheating on a test/exam.  If a student is in violation of this policy, a report will be filed with the professor/instructor and the Office of Disability Services.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and contributes to the success of our test accommodations service to students through  Disability Services.