Note Taking Accommodations

Procedure for Students

Disability Services

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

If you qualify for note-taking accommodations, you will be able to request a volunteer note taker to provide you with class notes on carbon-copy paper (provided by Disability Services). The following is a procedure for you to follow as it relates to requesting note-taking accommodations.


  1. Meet with the Coordinator of Disability Services to have Accommodation Request forms completed that specifies your note-taking accommodation needs. You will be provided with a supply of carbon paper used for note-taking.

  2. Meet your instructor(s) regarding your note-taking accommodation needs and provide your instructor with your “Accommodation Request” form and “Note-taking accommodations procedure for faculty” page.

  3. Ask your instructor to announce in class for a volunteer note-taker to come forward at the end of the class session.  Impress on the instructor that you wish to remain anonymous until a volunteer comes forward.  Most other students will have left the classroom by that time.

  4. You then would meet with the volunteer, introduce your self and express your appreciation of them assisting by taking notes.  You do not need to explain why you need a note-taker.  Provide the student with a supply of carbon paper and ask them to hand you the yellow copy at the end of each class.

  5. It is recommended that you invest in a small hand-held tape recorder during your college career.  In the event that your note-taker may be absent from class, or some other circumstances prevents you from getting quality notes on a given day, you may want to record the lecture.  You do need the instructor’s permission to do so.  If you have a recorder, the space indicating a request to use a recorder on the “Accommodations Request” form will be marked for you.

  6. Remember that utilizing a volunteer note-taker is utilized only for those who qualify for the service.  This means that you are expected to attend class on a regular basis and are not to use the note-taker to substitute your attendance.

If you have any questions regarding the test taking procedure through Disability Services, please call us at 346-3365. Thank you for your cooperation in this process.


Jim Joque, Director
Disability & Assistive Technology Center