Mobility Barriers

Contact Information

TO: Students, faculty and staff who use wheelchairs, crutches, those who are blind/low vision, and those with other mobility limitations.

This message is in relation to three areas of concern on campus relative to mobility and accessibility....snow removal, door and elevator access and sidewalk access.

  • Snow Removal: Should you find snow and ice to be a problem for you on a given route during winter, please contact Facility Services. It would be most helpful should you know a storm is approaching, to call Facility Services the night before or early that morning and inform him of your intended route for the next day.

          Call: Facility Services at 346-4219 (or Chris Brindley of Facility Services at 346-3622)


  • Accessible Doors and Elevators: If you have difficulty at any time with an accessible door or elevator not being operable, please make a call to Facility Services. We would like to be sure repairs are taken care of right away. 

          Call: Facility Services at 346-4219


  • Sidewalks: If sidewalks, cut curbs or paths that you frequent are blocked due to construction or other barriers, please call Facility Services.

          Call: Facility Services at 346-4219


If you have any difficulty getting through to the above persons, please call Pat Hetzel, our Program Associate at our Disability Services office at 346-3365. She will be able to help you make the connection. 

  • After Hours: In the event you have difficulties after regular work hours or in the event of an emergency, contact UWSP Protect Services 346-3456

  • For emergencies that require immediate medical attention call 911 


Please print this page and keep these numbers handy. Make your calls as needed. We promote keeping our campus accessible.


Jim Joque, Director
Disability & Assistive Technology Center