All faculty and staff are more than welcome to make a referral to the Office of Disability Services.  To do so, ask the student to make a request by appointment with the coordinator of the Office of Disability Services during the first or second week of the semester – or – when the need presents itself.  Students may also self-refer.


  1. The Office of Disability Services requires appropriate documentation of a disability from a certified professional which includes a description of the person’s disability and a recommendation for appropriate accommodations.
  2. If a student inquires as to whether or not they have a disability, a campus referral or a recommendation to an outside referral source will be provided relative to having the student assessed for a disability.
  3. Determination of accommodations is based on whether or not the provided documentation supports the need for that accommodation.  Should the documentation warrant the accommodation, the student will be provided with an accommodations request form which is to be discussed with and given to the instructor by the student (Accommodations Request Form).  All necessary arrangements to provide accommodation(s) will be made by the student and/or the Office of Disability Services.
  4. Instructors are asked to follow the accommodation procedure for students taking proctored exams (test taking procedures).  To become familiar with test proctoring as it relates to the Office of Disability Services administering tests, reference the test proctor policy (test proctor policy).  Also, reference the procedure for students requesting the assistance of using volunteer note-takers (note taking procedure).
  5. The Committee on Accommodation and Disability has been established to address requests for program accommodations, course substitutions and/or waivers, and appeals (Current Chair is Rebecca Stephens, English Department).
  6. Please direct your question about the Office of Disability Services and program procedures to Susie Rood, Director ( or call 346-3365).