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Nataliia Vatolina


Nataliia Vatolina is a Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant in the Department of World Languages and Literatures.  Vatolina was raised in Kirovgrad, a central Russian town near the Ural Mountains. She is proud to share her Russian culture and language as an international teaching assistant for first and second-year students at UWSP. The sharing across cultures continues outside of the classroom. Vatolina said she meets with a group of her students to connect socially, recently, playing the Russian card game, Durak, together.

Before arriving on campus, Vatolina taught Russian at a state university in Mississippi where she said she was part of a large group of international students.

Another highlight of her experience on campus this year was the department’s World Languages Fair, held in October. Vatolina helped organize and promote the large community event. She is enrolled in foreign language instruction course and studying creative writing. Her goal is ultimately to complete her master’s degree and teach English back in Russia.

Language Teaching Assistant