Summer Conferences​

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point! Located in the heart of Central Wisconsin, campus is surrounded by all that makes Wisconsin beautiful- trees, lakes, and green spaces.  With access to all a university has to offer, Dining & Summer Conferences can accommodate adult conferences and youth academic and athletic camps.

Summer Conference staff strive to be a one-stop shop for all of your summer camp or conference needs on campus, serving as a liaison  to all University​ venues, services, and resources, such as:

  • Affordable on-campus housing

  • Award-winning meals

  • Convenient parking 

  • Division III athletic facilities

  • Comprehensive classroom and meeting spaces


We welcome camps of any size, from 20 to 2000 or more. 

To see a snapshot of services offered here in Stevens Point,  browse through the links on the left.  UWSP offers a variety of options to serve any group, and rates start at just $33.31/person, which includes overnight accommodations and a three-meal package. 


To get started planning your next event, contact us​​!  ​​​