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UWSP Dining works to create a collaborative work environment that educates and engages our student employees. Working on campus is a great opportunity to meet new people and explore campus life. The Dining program employs student workers in all areas including barista, cook, cashier, dishwasher, receiving, and leadership positions.

Crew Members are responsible for all phases of food service on the UWSP campus, including, but not limited to setup, service, clean up, and cashiering.

Starting Wage: $10.50/hr

Shift Leads are responsible for the smooth operation of all dining locations. This includes training staff, creating recipes and more!

Starting Wage: $11.50/hr.

Floor Managers enhancing the customer experience while working closely with the culinary professionals and unit managers.

Starting Wage: $12.50/hr.

UWSP dining student employee at Lower Marketplace


Send us an email to learn more about how you can work for Dining Services.

Dining and Summer Conferences place a strong emphasis on quality, value, student employment, and sustainability. Our employment program works hard to develop a reputation as the best place for students to work on campus. In addition to paying a competitive wage, working for UWSP provides professional skills that recruiters say they are in search of for entry-level employees. Student employees are also rewarded financially with longevity opportunities and for advancement within the UWSP Dining Student Leadership Program.