DSC continues to develop and improve its long-term strategy for using local and organic products in residential, catering and retail areas because we recognize the importance of supporting local businesses and farms that provide jobs and economic development. Our local sourcing definition is: the purchase of a product/service that has been manufactured, harvested, extracted, or supplied within a 200 mile radius of the UWSP campus.

Sub-levels are further defined by tiers of distance for the product service and business ownership: Community (0-100 miles), Immediate (101-200 miles), Intermediate (201-300), and Regional (301-400 miles).

​DSC asks...

DSC also asks the following questions to strengthen our local sourcing initiatives:

  1. Are the farms or businesses family or cooperatively owned?
  2. Is there a commitment to reducing the use of synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals?
  3. Does the business operate in such a way to protect and sustain the region’s land and water resources?
  4. Do practices include treating animals with care and respect, do they have a national certification, i.e. American Humane Certified?
  5. Are employees provided safe and fair working conditions?
  6. Can University students and staff openly visit operations to enhance learning?


Our eco-friendly practices also include purchasing items that are certified fair trade and/or organic; Energy Star rated appliances and equipment; use of biodegradable/compostable take-out containers; utilizing bulk pump dispensers and minimizing personal size food items; energy saving light bulbs and motion sensor lighting; use of 100% recycled paper napkins; and coordinating delivery logistics to minimize the number of trucks entering campus.

Socially Responsible

DSC serves milk from Red Barn Dairy, which is the only American Humane Certified dairy in the state. Not only is Red Barn Dairy dedicated to a high level of animal care and treatment, but the milk is certified rBGH-free. Abbotsford Farms is a network of over 150 farmers across the country, many of them being small farm owners. They are dedicated to supplying only top quality, natural value-added eggs, certified American Humane.

DSC offers only socially responsible coffee in all our locations and has partnered with Atomic Joe’s Coffee and Mission Coffee.  

As much as possible, we utilize seafood that is certified by the Monterey Bay Aquarium SEAWATCH program or the Marine Stewardship Council .

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