Green on the Go 

Reusable Containers

This program is suspended until further notice

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COVID-19 University Updates

With the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic, UW-Stevens Point continues to evaluate the situation daily.

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What is a Green on the Go Reusable Container?

It is an eco-friendly, reusable container to be used for to-go meals. As a reusable and recyclable container, your Green on the Go container is helping our campus reduce unnecessary waste.

How does it work?

1. Sign up for this program here and at any Dining Location with a cashier. 

2. Fill it up with food at any on-campus dining location when you get your food to go!

3. Getting a clean container!

  • When it is time for another meal, simply exchange the dirty container for a clean container on your next visit! 

  • No place to store this while on the go? Ask a cashier for a validation card - with this card you can receive a clean container the next time you need it! 

4. These can be used at any on-campus dining location including DeBot Dining Center, DUC Food Court, Homegrown Cafe, Common Ground Cafe, and CPS Cafe.

What happens if I lose or break the Green on the Go container?

If the container is lost or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, you can purchase a new Green on the Go container from the cashier for $6.

Sign Up Online:

​​How It Works

1) Purchase your containe​r at the main DUC register for $6.00. During breakfast, containers will be distributed at the breakfast cashier stand. For lunch and dinner, containers will be distributed at Spicy Meatball.

2) Use your container for DUC purchases. Receive a $0.50 discount with swipe trades, dawg dollars, point cash, cash or credit.

3) Return your dirty container to the DUC food court and receive a clean one! If you'd like to wait to grab a new one next time you're in the DUC, simply ask for a validation card to present next time.