DeBot Policies

​​Backpack Policy

Backpacks are not permitted in the DeBot Dining Center. Students are allowed to bring in computers, books, and other valuables. Food is not available as a carry-out option unless you have ordered a bagged meal​.

Please do not remove plates, glasses, cups, silverware or other items that are University property. UDS is focused on providing everyone with a satisfying, value driven and high quality dining experience. Replacing these items takes money away from this effort.

Guest Policy

All individuals entering DeBot will be required to swipe for their meals or pay cash. Under no circumstances will non-paying guests be permitted entrance due to the all-you-can-eat nature of the facility.

​Food Waste Policy

DeBot is an all-you-care-to-eat facility and we encourage you to try as many items as you like. You can assist us in controlling food waste by not taking more than you can eat and returning for second servings. We have different size plates and bowls, so please take the amount of portion that you will actually consume. Through reducing food waste we are able to continually improve the menus and diversify our offerings.​​