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Dining and Summer Conferences team!

Calling in for Work

Call your manager at least two hours prior to your shift. 
DO NOT call the main office

All Dining Locations 715-346-2610
Catering 715-340-8727

Past DSC Employees

If you are a past DSC employee looking for previous employment forms (W2) or other information please contact Jake Shearier, HR Payroll and Benefits Specialist

Phone: 715-346-4085 

​Great Ideas Project

Student staff can submit ideas for projects that will lead to operational and programmatic improvements in dining services. Initiatives must positively impact service delivery, food quality, or departmental level financials. Project heads are required to fully develop the project from start to finish. A key component of the final evaluation is to collect and submit data that shows the program is successful. For example, if there is a claim that sales have been improved, then the project head will need to submit prior year and current year sales data to support the claim. DSC has a wide-range of resources available, so projects that involve menu changes, recipe modification, standard operating processes, and routine updates will not suffice. You MUST submit your project idea for approval before commencing the project.

If your project is approved and successfully achieves objectives, you will earn a $125 bonus. Workers are eligible for the 10 cent increase and $125 for the first two Great Idea Projects accepted and implemented. After the first two implemented projects, the worker will only receive the $125 bonus.