Frequently Asked Questions for Staff

What is PeopleSoft?

PeopleSoft is the timesheet program that students use to enter their hours. PeopleSoft can also be referred to My UW System or simply an employee's timesheet.

What do I do if I can't access my timesheet?

It takes about 5-10 days for a new employee to receive access to his or her timesheet. If you don’t see your timesheet after 10 days of hire, please contact a student human resource manager. If you have a timesheet and it disappears, please contact the student human resource managers as soon as possible so that they can restore your timesheet. 

What if I forget to enter my hours into PeopleSoft by the pay period deadline?

You will need to fill out a temporary timesheet and get signatures from each location that you work at. Temporary timesheets are due the Monday after a pay period is due at 11 a.m.

How do I set up my direct deposit?

All student employees must sign up for direct deposit. Please do this as soon as possible to prevent delay in processing your payment. If you missed the cut-off for processing your pay using the direct deposit method, your check will be available in the Bursar’s office (located in the Student Services Building) on the designated student pay date.

Who do I talk to if I need to change my tax information?

If you have concerns or need to make changes to your tax information, please visit the Payroll Office at 116 Old Main. Jake Shearier, Payroll & Benefits Specialist, will be able to assist you with any changes or questions you may have. 

Who do I contact if I am sick and can't make my shift?

Please contact the location/s of the shift/s that you will miss due to your illness. For example, contact Upper DeBot if you have an Upper DeBot shift and ALSO contact the DUC if you have a DUC shift in the same day. It is a DSC policy that employees should call in at least two hours before their shift so that the locations can make arrangements to cover the employee absence. 

DUC, HGC, FFT: 715-340-0076
Catering: 715-340-8727 (Mckenzie Gotz) or 715-340-7695 (Marshall Lee)

What should I do if I lose my nametag?

Contact Dining HR in the event that you lose your name tag. A replacement nametag will be issued and $5 will be charged to the employee. 

How do I pick up a shift?

There are two ways for an employee to pick up additional shifts.  The first option is for employees to pick up permanent shifts.  

The second option is for an employee to cover a shift that another employee wants off for by completing a Mutual Agreement (MA) form.  All locations have designated locations to post MA forms. A unit manager must approve all MA forms. Talk to a student operation manager (SOM), unit manager or HR staff member if you have any questions about this procedure. 

Refer to the "What are the Facebook links?" section below to learn about how you can pick up shifts on our Facebook pages.

Can I drop a shift?

An employee can drop a shift in the first two weeks of the semester. As soon as the third week of the semester starts, an employee must receive permission from the unit manager to drop a shift. 

Refer to the "What are the Facebook links?" section below to learn about how you can drop shifts on our Facebook pages.

How do I get off for a shift?

DSC recognizes that employees may want off of work for family vacations, school trips, etc. Once an employee knows that day/s that he or she wants off, he or she should fill out a blue Mutual Agreement (MA) form. The MA form can be posted at the location of the shift. 

What are the Facebook Links?

The below Facebook links are available to employees to post shifts that they want off or for employees to see what shifts are available to pick up. Facebook is a tool to help employees advertise shifts; a Facebook post does not constitute an agreement to exchange a shift. Employees must fill out a blue Mutual Agreement (MA) form and have a manager sign the form in order for the shift exchange to be official.