Frequently Asked Questions for Staff

What is PeopleSoft?

What do I do if I can't access my​ timesheet?

What if I forget to enter my hours into PeopleSoft by the pay period deadline?

You will need to fill out a temporary timesheet and get signatures from each location that you work at. Temporary timesheets are due the Monday after a pay period is due at 11 a.m. Temporary timesheets can be found outside the DUC 241 door. 

How do I set up my direct deposit?

Who do I talk to if I need to change my tax information?

Who do I contact if I am sick and can't make my shift?

What should I do if I lose my nametag?

How do I pick up a shift?

Can I drop a shift?​

How do I get off for a shift?

What are the Facebook Links?