​2016 - 2017 Academic Year Dining Plan Information

Dining Plans


Dining Plans

Block Plans:

A Block plan provides a set number of meals to be used throughout the entire semester.  There is NO limit on how many meal swipes you can use per day, so manage your account accordingly. The plan options are:

(available to ALL residential students)

​Bl​​ock Plans ​Meals Per Week ​​Plan Cost Dawg Dollars ​​Cost Per Meal
150​ ​10 ​$1,226.50 ​$100 ​$7.51
​200 ​13 ​$1,414.50 ​$100 ​$6.58
​250 ​17 ​$1,619.50 ​$100 ​$6.08
*subject to approval by the University of Wisconsin Board of Regents
Meals are swipes are used at Upper DeBot's all-you-care-to-eat Residential Dining Hall.  One swipe gets you access to the mainline, Italian side, Grille side, Deli Bar, Salad Bar, Fruit and Yogurt Bar, Desserts, Beverages and more.
Swipe Trades provide for a cash value of $5.00 at any DSC retail location. If your purchase exceeds $5.00, the balance can be paid with cash, credit card, Dawg Dollars, PointCash, or an additional swipe trade.
Please note there is no cash refund for the difference if the item costs less than $5.00 while using a swipe trade.
Dawg Dollars Plan: 
​Plan Cost ​Dawg Dollars
$1,600​ $1,600​
Dawg Dollars are worth one dollar each and purchases are tax exempt.  A maximum of  $200 Dawg Dollars may roll over from the fall to spring semester as long as a new dining plan contract is signed and remains active for the entire semester.  All Dawg Dollars  must be used by the end of the spring semester and do not carry over
You may add on 5 meals to any plan for $34.75. To check how many meals you should have throughout the semester and stay on track, use this Ideal Balance for Meals​​ sheet as a reference.

How to Change Meal Plan

Off-Campus Student & Staff Meals Plans


​​General Information

In addition to the cost of food, plan fees cover operational expenses including: debt service, rent, utilities, wages & benefits, supplies, equipment, cleaning, maintenance, insurance and UW System overhead. For the 2015-16 academic year, operating expenses are $909 of the total plan cost. Dining is entirely self-supporting and does NOT receive any funding from the State and functions as a regular business enterprise.

Each day is broken into four meal periods depending on location. Meal periods are breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night. There is NO limit on how many meal swipes you can use per day, so manage your account accordingly.

Unused meals do not roll over to the following semester, so it is important to determine which plan fits your academic schedule, extracurricular activities, and weekend travel plans.

You can check your meal balance at any DSC register, in the PointCard Office​ (715-346-2012) or online by logging into your account on the PointCard Office website.


$100 Dawg Dollars are attached each Block plan and provide the freedom to purchase any item at DSC retail dining locations. Dawg Dollars are worth one dollar each and purchases are tax exempt. Dawg Dollars may roll over from the fall to the spring semester as long as a new dining plan contract is signed and remains active for the entire semester. All Dawg Dollars must be used by the end of the spring semester and do not carry over.

PointCash is accepted at all dining locations, along with several other areas on campus and a number of restaurants off campus. Visit the PointCard Office​​ for a complete list.​


For more information about dining plans, please contact the PointCard Office at (715-346-2012) or the Dining and Summer Conferences Office at (715-346-3434).


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