Policies & Procedures


Before arranging a catered event, please be aware of our Policies and the following procedures:
  • If you have any other questions, please contact our catering department via email.
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Food Service Requests


Price Changes

Payment & Taxes

Additional Fees

Event Attendance & Deadlines

Set Up & Food Display Times


Alcohol Policies

Dietary Restrictions

Decoration Guidelines

Off-Premise Catering Guidelines

China Delivery & Charges

Wedding & Special Events Policies

Food Sale Permits & Liability Waivers

Right of First Refusal

DUC Events

Facility Use

Fundraising Policies

Contact Campus Catering Services

Potluck Policies

Potlucks are only allowed under the categories and conditions below:

Student Organization Potlucks - commercially prepared takeout/delivery items from a licensed vendor, or non commercially-prepared, homemade, or student organization prepared potluck food which is prepared and served per Serv Safe quidelines is allowed under special conditions with a Temporary Food Service waiver.

Click here to submit a food service waiver.

Staff Potlucks - Food prepared by staff for use at a UWSP department potluck is unregulated.  All of the items prepared need to be produced and served per Serv Safe guidelines and are only to be consumed by persons within that department.  The sale or consumption of these products outside of the division is prohibited.

Campus Events - All events scheduled in UWSP space that do not meet the previously listed guidelines will not be approved for any potluck items to be served at their function.