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Catering: Fundraising and Bake Sales Policies

The following policies are in place as they pertain to food sales for groups or organizations on campus.


  • In order to sell food-related products on campus, a Food Service Liability Waiver needs to be submitted to catering in order to receive approval based off the information provided. This step needs to be completed before submitting a food sales permit. The food sales permits are issued through SIEO.

  • Products may be brought in for sale once they are approved, and in some cases the proper liability insurance has been provided or an additional policy put into place. These additional policies can be purchased through Safety and Loss.

  • University Dining Services is always available to supply products for your event if you choose to do so. We also offer the opportunity to produce your own product or have it donated from approved vendors.

  • DSC also requires that there are person(s) who have completed Serv-safe training involved in the production of product to ascertain time and temperature requirements. DSC can provide such person(s) if needed, at charge to your group.

  • Any food or product provided by licensed vendors must be held under the proper conditions. The food or product needs to have an approved Food Service Liability Waiver​, or fall below the $150.00 limit for sales. It must also be logged in the EMS system.

  • For information on the potluck policy and leftover product, please read DSC's Terms and Conditions section


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