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UW-Stevens Point Alcoholic Beverages Policy


The purpose of this policy is to promulgate regulations and guidelines by which alcoholic beverages may be served on the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus.


The following policy has been established to ensure that the service of alcoholic beverages at the University is in compliance with all state and federal laws. The policy is also the reflection of the University's philosophy that the service of alcoholic beverages must promote and encourage the responsible use of alcohol.


  1. The use or possession of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on University premises, except as expressly permitted by the Chancellor (or designee) as defined in this policy, in accordance with UWS 18.06 (13)(a), Wisconsin Administrative Code set by the Board of Regents. Without exception, alcohol consumption is governed by Wisconsin statutory age restrictions under UWS 18.06 (13)(b).
  2. Alcoholic beverages in this policy are fermented malt beverages and intoxicated liquors containing .5% alcohol or greater of alcohol by volume.
  3. License for the sale of alcoholic beverages shall be in the name of the Board of Regents for the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point campus. All sales on campus will be performed by University Dining Services, the Basement Brewhaus, Treehaven, or the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station and will be done in places and according to methods approved.
  4. Consumption of alcoholic beverages on streets that run through the campus is contrary to municipal ordinances and such violations may subject violators to city fines or other penalties.
  5. State and federal law prohibits the resale of alcoholic beverages for profit except by the licensee and tax stamp holder. Therefore, the proceeds from the sale of wine, beer, or alcohol cannot be returned to the sponsoring organization by the university.
  6. The "carry in" or "carry out" of any type of alcoholic beverages to or from activities or programs is prohibited.
  7. Alcoholic beverages must end at the close of the registered event time.
  8. No open alcoholic beverages will be permitted in the passenger cab of any University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point contracted vehicle for trips and travel events.
  9. Non-alcoholic beverages, which have been purchased from or provided by University Dining Services must be available at the same place as the alcoholic beverages. Food and non-alcoholic beverages must be featured more prominently than the alcoholic beverage service in any advertising. It is the responsibility of the sponsor of the event to ensure that the appropriate amounts of alterative beverages are available for the anticipated attendance.
  10. Functions which permit attendance of underage individuals must make adequate provisions to monitor the serving and consuming of alcoholic beverages.
  11. Alcoholic beverages may be catered at closed functions where a sponsor schedules an event, for members of the group and specified invited guests. Alcoholic beverages may also be catered under proper conditions to campus functions that are open to the public if adequate control of persons present can be exercised. The University Dining Services Catering Manager must approve these service occasions individually.
  12. Under ordinary circumstances, alcoholic beverages will be sold by the individual drink. Sale of or serving pitchers of bee, carafes or bottles or wine will not be done unless prior justification and permission is sought from the University Dining Services Catering Manager.
  13. Alcohol service must be provided bt University Dining Services. Donated or pre-purchased alcohol is not permitted.
  14. Outdoor events, where alcoholic beverages will be served, must have proper fencing to allow for monitoring of distribution of alcohol. Sponsors are expected to be responsible for any cost or fencing needed for outdoor events which need to be monitored.


  • The Chancellor has established the following designees to administer the Alcohol Beverage Service Policy: the University Dining Services Catering manager for all on-campus UWSP facilities (with the exception of the Basement Brewhaus, which will be in conjunction with the Assistant Director of Campus Activities); the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station Director, and the Treehaven Director for each of those off-campus UWSP facilities.
  • As part of the University Dining Services catering reservation process, an individual must be designated as the responsible person for the event. If alcohol is to be served, this designated person will be required to sign a form indicated an understanding and acceptance of the stated Alcohol Beverage Service Policies.
  • Bartenders employed by University Dining Services to serve/sell alcoholic beverages will be at least the minimum age required by state statute and possess a bartender's certification. A licensed University Dining Services employed bartender needs to be in attendance at all events in which alcohol is served. It is the responsibility of a bartender to make proper identification or persons eligible to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. The type of identification required will be the official, valid state ID or driver's license with picture.
  • Individuals or groups which sponsor functions within university facilities must be provided the alcohol beverage service policies and guidelines. Sponsors must accept responsibility for making sure policies are followed.
  • Security or wristbands for legal age participants may be required for an event involving an alcoholic beverage service depending on the nature of the event, target audience, anticipated attendance levels or layout of the venue.


  • Sponsors are expected to maintain responsible standards concerning the use of alcoholic beverages at the event. Any use leading to offensive behavior or disorderly conduct will resulting in the immediate dismissal of service to the individual(s) involved and/or to the sponsoring group. Further disciplinary action may be taken if necessary via UW-System conduct codes or through criminal action. In addition, facility use privileges may be suspended for a period of time. Any repeated violation will be cause for facility use denials as well as recommended organizational sanctions.
  • It is not appropriate to include alcoholic beverages in the registration fee of a University sponsored event unless special conditions exist as interpreted and approved by the Accounts Payable office.
  • Student organizations must have approval of the group's faculty/staff advisor for any sponsored, authorized, sanctioned and/or financed event involving alcohol. The group is responsible for assuring that the consumption of alcohol does not detrimentally affect the health and well being of those attending the event. Student organizations may hold events involving alcoholic beverages by following the Recognized Student Organization Alcoholic Beverage Rules which includes meeting with the Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Employment before planning your event involving alcohol.
DRAFTED 01.19.05, REVISED 07.07.2009

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UW-Stevens Point Residence Hall Alcohol Policy

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point Residential Living department is committed to maintaining an academic and social environment that promotes the intellectual and personal development of students, the safety and welfare of all members of the university and residence hall community.
  • All alcohol policies are applicable to all residence halls, and individual hall governments are not permitted to revise the policies. Recommendations for revision to the alcohol policies must be submitted to the Residence Hall Association for consideration.
  • Drinking is never to be the focal point for an event of activity; beverages, whether alcoholic or nonalcoholic, shall be incidental to the primary reason for having an event.
  • Only those residents who have attained the legal drinking age may possess or consume alcoholic beverages, including nonalcoholic beverages containing 0.5% alcohol by volume or over. [Residents not 21 years of age cannot drink or host drinkers.]
  • Alcoholic beverages cannot be sold in residence halls.
  • If 21 or older, individuals may consume alcoholic beverages only in their own room or in rooms of occupants of legal drinking age. No alcohol, including nonalcoholic beverages, regardless of the alcohol content, shall be consumed in public areas, such as lounges, bathrooms, hallways and basement areas.
  • In designated upperclass halls, alcohol may be consumed by residents of legal drinking age and their guests of legal drinking age in the following areas: TV lounge, game room/area, and designated public social areas. The persons in these areas may have no more than one drink in their possession. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in public academic areas, study loungers, computer rooms and in fitness areas such as saunas, fitness rooms, etc.
  • Use and consumption of alcohol in residence halls may not exceed the limitations listed below:
    • There may not be more than 10 persons present in any resident's room;
    • No bulk alcohol of any size is permitted in individual rooms (e.g., keg, etc.). Exceptions may be made for root beer kegs that are previously approved by the hall director;
    • Individuals of legal drinking age may only have one container of alcoholic containing 0.5% alcohol by volume or over open at any time per individual;
    • Bo beer bongs shall be permitted at any time in the residence halls;
    • No home brewing processes shall be allowed in the residence halls at any time.
  • Residents are responsible for informing their guests of the residence hall's alcohol policies, for advising their guests when behavior is not appropriate, and for assisting in modifying inappropriate behavior when necessary. No guest may possess alcohol including nonalcoholic beverages containing 0.5% alcohol by volume or over, in the room of a resident that is under the legal drinking age.
  • Residence hall staff shall intervene in situations where individuals exhibit symptoms of problem drinking, such as incapacitation, violence, abusive behavior, self-endangering intoxication, etc. An intervention by a staff member may result in a referral to the university student health promotions coordinator for information and resources or to the Student Rights and Responsibilities Office.
  • Any individual/organization wishing to sponsor an event where alcoholic beverages will be present will need to adhere to guidelines for such events. This information may be obtained from the hall director.
  • Nonalcoholic beverages containing less than 0.5% alcohol by volume will be allowed in rooms of underage residents if the beverage is clearly labeled and during any confrontation that information is presented.
  • If all roommates assigned to the room are under the age of 21, then the room is considered a "dry room." No alcohol may be brought into a dry room by anyone (including parents). A resident of a dry room is held responsible for guests who bring alcohol into the room, regardless of age.
  • A "damp room" is a room where one assigned roommate is 21 and one roommate is under 21. If the under-21-year old of a damp room is approached by hall staff for an alcohol policy violation, it is up tot he discretion of the residence hall director to determine to whom the alcohol container belongs.
  • A "wet room" is a room where both roommates assigned to a room are 21 years of age or older. Residents of wet rooms are allowed to have alcohol in their room (per the above policy).
DRAFTED by the Resident Hall Association 1993; Revised 1995; Revised 2005

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UW-Stevens Point University Dining Services Policy

  • All food service across the UW-Stevens Point campus must be provided through University Dining Services.
  • University Dining Services has the right of first refusal and may request to see liability insurance coverage before an outside caterer may be authorized to serve on campus.
  • University Dining Services can authorize a food waver/exception to this policy as deemed appropriate. Permanent exceptions to this policy include items served on-campus in the CPS café, Athletic concessions, the Basement Brewhaus, and off-campus at Treehaven and the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station.
  • Groups may contact the University Dining Services Catering Manager directly to make their own arrangements.

UPDATED 07.07.2009

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