Student Test Services

The DATC administers around 1,000 exams/tests per semester for qualified students with disabilities.

Students who use exam accommodations may test in the DATC in a proctored environment, or they may make personal arrangements with their instructor.

The DATC proctors exams in multiple locations:

  • a few individual testing rooms with camera monitoring,
  • testing rooms with computers,
  • small testing rooms for 1-2 test takers, and
  • in a group setting, that is smaller and has fewer distractions than the classroom.

Students can use assistive technology for their tests and exams if their documentation and accommodations support these tools. Students are encouraged to use assistive technology when testing.

Proctored Exam Procedure for Students

Instructors may arrange test accommodations for students with disabilities in their area. However, if instructors are unable to do so, they may refer the student to the DATC, and we will arrange for a proctored exam.

  1. Students will meet with the DATC Director or an adviser to discuss exam accommodations.
  2. The student and their instructor will receive the Notice of Accommodation form, which qualifies students for accommodations as supported by documentation of their disability. This information is confidential.
  3. Students will meet with each of their instructors regarding their exam accommodations and determine if the student will test through the DATC.
    • In some instances, a student’s exam accommodation needs can only be met through our office. In these cases, the instructor may be notified by the DATC.
  4. If a student chooses to schedule their exam(s) through the DATC, they will submit a request for a proctored exam in advance. Should an instructor change the test date, we urge students to inform the DATC as soon as possible, so we are able to make proctored exam changes in our office.
  5. The student will then receive an email with confirmation of their exam day, time, and location. The instructor and proctor (if needed) will also be notified.
    • Exam requests are completed online via the Student Testing Accommodation Request Form.
    • Requests for exams need to be submitted online at least five (5) school days/week days in advance of the exam. Please note that before we finalize exam accommodations, it takes time to communicate between instructor, proctor, location source, and student.
    • Please remember to notify us if there are any change in exam dates and time.