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Does your computer meet the minimum requirements for working in D2L Brightspace?

Run a System Check

Workstations and laptops maintained by UWSP Information Technology, including student lab computers meet system recommendations for using D2L Brightspace.  

If you are taking an online or distance education course, or simply working on a personal computer you may not meet system recommendations for using D2L Brightspace.

Mobile devices and tablets are not acceptable replacements for desktop or laptop computers when doing work in D2L Brightspace.

So when should I run a System Check?

  • I am taking an online or distance education course and do not come to campus,
  • I am using a personal computer even though I am on the UWSP campus,
  • If something isn't working as expected,
  • Regularly, to ensure I have current updates

 What if some System Checks don't pass?


Other Useful Resources


Additional Recommendations for Working Off-Campus/via Distance


  • Webcam
  • Microphone and Headphones

Internet Connection

  •  1.5 mbps or faster
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