MUS 450/650 Incorporating Improvisation and Composition in the Music Curriculum
​Section Number ​88
​Credits ​1 - 2
​Description The guidelines published by the Music Educator’s National Conference, The School Music Program: A New Vision, present nine national content standards in music for grades K-4, 5-8, and 9-12. These include the incorporation of improvisation and composition into the basic music curriculum in addition to the more familiar objectives of singing, performing on instruments, developing affective responses, and understanding music in its boarder social and historical context. Long-regarded as within the domain of professional performers and composers, improvisation and composition can aid students in developing creatively and various higher-order thinking skills as well as build self-confidence and accomplish other objectives. 

This workshop presents a framework for incorporating improvisation and composition in the classroom and rehearsal hall. It also introduces the MENC’s achievement standards and describes the learning theory behind those involving improvisation and composition. Through role playing and hands-on exercises, the workshop demonstrates a wide range of practical techniques for including improvisation and composition in the classroom. Participants are encouraged to bring their own instruments if they prefer not to use the keyboard for class activities. Those with or without previous improvisation or composition experience are welcomed. Participants electing the second credit will undertake and complete an independent, out-of-class pedagogical project centered on improvisation and/or composition.
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​Instructor Charles Young
​Location Stevens Point, UW-Stevens Point, Noel Fine Arts Center, Room 300
​Dates ​June 12 - June 13, 2014
​Times ​9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
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