HIMT 400 Healthcare Information and Technology
​Section Number ​76
​Credits ​3

This course explores the sources and data contents of health-care information as well as proper presentation of it for different usage levels. Topic addressed  include: 1) data structure and use of health information (individual, comparative, and aggregate), 2) type and content of health record, 3) data quality assessment, 4) secondary data source, 5) healthcare data sets, 6) Health information archival systems, and National Healthcare Information Infrastructure (NHII). The course will also cover topics in bioinformatics. 

​Course Website Health Information Management and Technology
​Instructor ​To Be Determined
​Location Online
​Dates May 27 - August 1, 2014
​Times ​All course requirements must be completed by August 1, 2014
​Wisconsin Standards
​Special Message This course is part of a 60 credit degree completion program for a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science Information Management and Technology in collaboration with UW-Green Bay, UW-LaCrosse, UW-Extension, and UW-Stevens Point.
​Note Program admission not requried for participation.
​Registration ​Contact John McCulley for registration and additional program information.

Estimated Tuition (subject to change)

Undergraduate                     $1,170.00

(does not include cost of textbooks and or additional software for successful completion of the course)