BIOL 498/698 Introduction to Raptor Field Techniques
​Section Number ​88
​Credits ​3

This five-day workshop is designed to cover many of the techniques used in raptor studies  Develop your field skills in several areas including:  capture and handling techniques, mist nets, broadcast call surveys, tree climbing an rappelling, clutch counts, reading molt, video surveilance and blood sampling.  Classroom discussions and demonstrations are also a part of this workshop.  Participants will leave this exciting workshop with 40 hours of experience using many of the techniques practiced in raptor studies, as well as a chance to observe some of Wisconsin's raptors in their natural environment.  For more information see Linwood Springs Research Station at or call 715-347-7998.

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​Instructor Gene Jacobs
​Location Stevens Point, Linwood Research Station
​Dates June 3 - June 7, 2014
​Times 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
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