ART 399/796 Art Studio and Curriculum:  Independent Study for K-12 Teachers
​Section Number ​88
​Credits ​1-3
​Description This independent study courses is geared primarily towards K-12 teachers working on curricular ideas and projects to bring back into the classroom.  We will meet formally as group twice during the summer, with individual meetings arranged on a as needed basis.  The group meetings provide and instant think tank of ideas, with decades of combined experience in the class.  You can also work on your own studio projects, with the benefit of faculty and peer input.  Once registered for the course, you will need to submit a detailed outline of project(s) that will be undertaken.  Your independent work will begin once your outline has been approved.  The dates of the group meeting will be announced.
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​Instructor Rob Stolzer
​Location Stevens Point, Noel Fine Arts Center, Independent Study

June 15 - August 15, 2014


All required coursework must be completed by August 14, 2014

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Wisconsin Resident Estimated Tuition (subject to change)

WI Undergraduate                     WI Graduate
1 cr $ 269.53                                1 cr $   472.32
2 cr $ 539.06                                2 cr $   944.64
3 cr $ 808.59                                3 cr $1,416.96