SOC 390/590 Basic Statistical Methods in the Social Sciences
​Section Number 88​
​Credits ​3
​Description This is a basic statistics course. The course covers both descriptive and inferential statistics. You will learn how to display data in a frequency distribution, create charts and graphs, test hypotheses, and calculate a variety of statistics commonly used by students and researchers.

This course consists of 15 video lessons. These video lessons will be provided to you prior to the start of the class. Except for the video lessons, this course is conducted on-line. Desire2Learn (D2L) and Excel are used to complete assignments. The schedule, handouts, assignments, text of video lessons, and links to other websites will all be available in Desire2Learn after you register for the course. Students must have access to Microsoft Excel 95 or later and the Internet to do their assignments.


​Course Website Basic Statistics
​Instructor Kirby Throckmorton
​Location Online
​Dates June 17 - August 7, 2013
​Times ​All course requirements must be completed by August 7, 2013
​Wisconsin Standards
​Special Message Does not count toward Sociololgy Major or Minor.
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​Tuition Wisconsin Resident Estimated Tuition (subject to change)

WI Undergraduate                     WI Graduate
   3 cr   $864.24                         3 cr  $1,333.41

(includes $20 per credit distance education administration fee)