MUS 102 Popular Music in America - Rock
​Section Number 88​
​Credits ​3
​Description This course is a survey of rock music in the United States, from its roots in a variety of American popular music genres (ragtime, Tin Pan Alley, Jazz, the Blues, and country music) to its practice in the 2000's. You will explore the main developments and styles in rock including its early years in the 1950s: Motown, the British Invasion, folk, and psychedelic rock of the 1960s, and later styles such as Heavy Metal, art, glitter, punk, disco, and Hip-Hop. In the process, you'll sharpen your listensing skills, learn the characteristics of these styles and about the people who make them, and deepen your knowledge of popular music.


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​Instructor Linda Schubert
​Location Online
​Dates May 20 - June 28, 2013
​Times ​All course requirements must be completed by June 28, 2013
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