MUED 583 Orff 2013
​Section Number ​88
​Credits 1 or 2​

This course is designed for elementary and middle school music teachers.  Participants will experience active music-making lessons through speech, singing, movement, and playing classroom instruments.  A primary goal is curriculum enrichment to meet diverse learning needs of current students.  Detailied handouts will be provided for each session.

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​Instructor ​Lucinda Thayer

Stevens Point, UW-Stevens Point, Noel Fine Arts Center, Room 201 and UW-Oshkosh

​Dates ​Saturdays, September 21, October 19, 2013 and February 15, 2014
​Times ​8:00 am - 3:00 pm
​Wisconsin Standards
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Wisconsin Resident Estimated Tuition (subject to change)

WI Graduate
    1 cr   $   529.17
    2 cr   $1,049.34

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