CIS 373/573 Excel
​Section Number ​882, 883, and 889
​Credits ​1 cr sec 882                          2 cr sec 883                          3 cr sec 889
​Description Students will finish this course being able to produce professional-looking documents that perform numeric calculations rapidly and accurately. Students will learn how to design, create, edit, and enhance Excel workbooks. Basic Chart skills will be taught that will enable students to create meaningful charts to illustrate their data. Other topics in this course will be the following: working with Formulas and Functions, managing workbooks and preparing them for the Web, and using lists.

Students taking the course for two or three credits will complete additional projects.

Please contact instructor in advance of registration if using a Mac.
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​Instructor Donna Kitchens
​Location Online
​Dates ​September 3 - December 13, 2013
​Times ​All course requirements must be completed by December 13, 2013
​Wisconsin Standards
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​Tuition Wisconsin Resident Estimated Tuition (subject to change)

WI Undergraduate                     WI Graduate
    1 cr   $288.08                         1 cr     $444.47
    2 cr   $576.16                         2 cr     $888.94                           
    3 cr   $864.24                         3 cr  $1,333.41

(includes $20 per credit distance education administration fee)