<DIV id='eventDetails'><h3 id='title'>An American in Paris - Theater Trip (Appleton)</h3> <p id='description'><div>The thrilling story of a young American soldier, a beautiful French girl and an indomitable European city, each yearning for a new beginning in the aftermath of war. Featuring a score including the songs “I Got Rhythm,” “‘S Wonderful,” “But Not for Me,” “Stairway to Paradise,” “They Can’t Take That Away” and orchestral music including “Concerto in F,” “2nd Prelude,” “2nd Rhapsody” and “An American in Paris.”</div><div>&#160;</div><div>Dinner at Good Company in Appleton after the performance; dinner cost not included. Please visit their website for menu information&#58; <a href="http&#58;//www.goodcompanyltd.com/">http&#58;//www.goodcompanyltd.com/</a></div><div>&#160;</div><div>Please review the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center's security screening policy. It details what you can and cannot bring in to their facility. <a href="http&#58;//foxcitiespac.com/plan-your-visit/fox-cities-p-a-c/security-policy?camefrom=EMCL_2054940_84834179">http&#58;//foxcitiespac.com/plan-your-visit/fox-cities-p-a-c/security-policy?camefrom=EMCL_2054940_84834179</a></div><div>&#160;</div><div>UWSP student pricing of $100 available. Please use promo code STUDENT.</div><div>&#160;</div><div>If the general public wishes to purchase tickets to the show only and not ride along with the group, cost is $100. Please use promo code SHOWON. </div></p><a href='http://www.uwsp.edu/conted/artculture/Pages/instructors.aspx'><DIV id='instructor'><strong><u>Instructor: </u></strong>Pat Kluetz</DIV></a><br/><DIV id='Dates'><strong>Dates: </strong>Saturday, February 24, 2018</DIV><br/><DIV id='time'><strong>Time: </strong>Noon - 8 p.m.</DIV><br/><DIV id='ages'><strong>Ages: </strong>Teen and adults</DIV><br/><DIV id='Fee'><strong>Fees: </strong>$150 for general public and $100 for UWSP student (Includes performance ticket and transportation. Dinner at restaurant in Appleton after the performance; dinner cost not included.)</DIV><br/><a href='https://contedusi.uwsp.edu/v20/emc00/register.aspx?OrgCode=10&EvtID=5284&AppCode=REG&CC=117042058243 '><DIV id='Register'><strong><u>Register Now: </u></strong>Registration deadline is February 24, 2018.</DIV></a><br/><img id='img' src='http://www.uwsp.edu/conted/artculture/PublishingImages/AAIP_Tour-0657.jpg'></img></DIV>