<DIV id='eventDetails'><h3 id='title'>Brain Gym® 101</h3> <p id='description'><div>Brain Gym® is an educational program which uses simple movements to enhance learning abilities in children and adults. This program is developed by Paul Dennison, PhD, an expert in child motor development. It is based on 80 years of research by educational therapists, developmental optometrists, and other developmental specialists. <br />Brain Gym® consists of simple movements that children do naturally during their first three years of life to accomplish important developmental steps for coordination of eyes, ears, hands, and the whole body. Through years of clinical experience, field studies, and in published research reports, Brain Gym® movements have been shown clinically to prepare children with the physical skills they need in order to learn to read, write, and otherwise function effectively in the classroom. </div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div><em>University credit is also available for this class at an additional cost.<br /></em></div></p><a href='http://www.uwsp.edu/conted/artculture/Pages/instructors.aspx'><DIV id='instructor'><strong><u>Instructor: </u></strong>Pamela Luedtke</DIV></a><br/><DIV id='Dates'><strong>Dates: </strong>Monday-Thursday, June 24 - 27</DIV><br/><DIV id='time'><strong>Time: </strong>9 a.m. - 5 p.m.</DIV><br/><DIV id='ages'><strong>Ages: </strong>Adults</DIV><br/><DIV id='Fee'><strong>Fees: </strong>$399 includes books and materials</DIV><br/><a href='https://conted.uwsp.edu/getdemo.ei?id=39&s=_2Z00O0VZF'><DIV id='Register'><strong><u>Register Now: </u></strong>Register by June 18, 2013 or call 346-3838 for availability.</DIV></a><br/><img id='img' src='http://www.uwsp.edu/conted/artculture/PublishingImages/Brain%20Gym.jpg'></img></DIV>