CWYSOP Audition Requirements

All students are required to play a placement audition in order to participate in CWYSOP.  These will normally take place during the spring for the following season. Students who register at other times may audition at that time and be placed as the music director determines. Seating results will be posted online with a password protected link allowing only registered participants to view the results.  The audition committee reserves the right to place students in an ensemble based on what it believes to be the best placement for each student.  Only the student auditioning is allowed in the room during the audition process.


Symphony Orchestra 

The Symphony Orchestra performs standard orchestral repertoire.  Members generally have three or more years of ensemble experience and perform at an advanced level.  The Symphony Orchestra is under the direction of Kurt Van Tiem and rehearses Sunday afternoons from 4 p.m.-6:15 p.m.  The Symphony Orchestra performs two concerts each semester and will tour every 3-4 years.  Symphony Orchestra members will receive sectional coaching from UW-Stevens Point Music Department students and Aber Suzuki faculty over the course of each season. 

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String Bass​ 



The Philharmonia performs various levels of string orchestra literature generally from standard middle school to introductory high school level.  Members should have two to three years of private study or school ensemble experience.  The Philharmonia is under the direction of Stephan Wucherer and rehearses Sunday afternoons from 4 p.m.-5:45 pm.  Philharmonia performs two concerts per semester and may perform for area schools.  Students will receive sectional coaching and masterclasses from UW-Stevens Ppoint Music Department students and Aber Suzuki faculty over the course of the season.   

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*special permission from the conductor is required

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