Virtual Theatre Camp
May 26-June 12 OR June 15-July 2, 2020

The Show Must Go Online!

May 26-June 12 OR June 15-July 2, 2020


"The Show Must Go Online” is a musical written to be rehearsed and performed remotely! Each actor will receive a 1-2 minute scene/song to rehearse, video record, and upload. When all the videos are played in order, they tell the hilarious story of a group of passionate students desperate to keep their annual musical alive…online!

This three-week camp is comprised of a minimum of two virtual class sessions per week. One large-group session will focus on basics of acting, drama games, etc.  Small-group sessions will focus on enhancing the actors’ performances, show details, etc.

Registration Information

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Registration Fee: $35 per person

Only 20 spots available per camp!  Register today! | Scholarships are available. For more information, please email!

Who Should Attend

For ages 8-16. 

Camp Information

Camp A
  • May 26  – June 12 (Registration Deadline: May 20)
    • Session Meeting Times: Large Group - Mondays evenings (except first night will be Tuesday evening due to Memorial Day, Small Groups - Thursday evenings (times will vary)
Camp B
  • June 15 – July 2 (Registration Deadline: June 10)
    • Session Meeting Times: Large Group - Mondays evenings, Small Groups - Thursday evenings (times will vary)

 What is needed?

  • Must have access to a recording device (phone, iPad, laptop, etc.)
  • Must be able to complete a task within a required timeline
  • Zoom conferencing (free, downloadable meeting tool)

 Why participate?

  • Every actor/actress deserves their time to shine!  (Even if currently isolated at home) 
  • Family fun and creativity - While director will be available for guidance, and the script gives some directions on what to do, it’s up the actor to create their scene including props and costumes (all items can be found at home).
  • Arts and technology - not only will students learn theatrical skills, but this format allows them to experience and learn new technology and video production basics.
  • Connection - connect with other youth virtually and the ability to share the final production link with loved ones.

Instructor Bio

Brad Schmicker is a retired elementary teacher. He is also a stage director. As a teacher, he spent most of his career teaching 4th and 5th graders. As a stage director, Brad has worked with actors as young as 4 years old and as experienced as 94. Children’s theatre, middle and high school theatre, community and university theatre, and several semi-professional theaters have all been part of Brad’s theatrical journeys. He even directed a chunk of a children’s opera! Directing a play totally online is a first for him. He is very excited.

Zoom Tutorial

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How to Record via Zoom and upload your file

Minimum Computer Standards

Registrants are responsible
 for ensuring they have the minimum computer standards for participating in the virtual Continuing Education program via Zoom. Sign up for a free Zoom account by clicking here. Zoom works best with Chrome or Firefox. The UWSP is not responsible for registrant technological issues, including, but not limited to, inadequate bandwidth and/or registrant equipment malfunction.

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​Contact Information

For any registration questions, please contact our Continuing Educating office at 715-346-3838.

Contact our Continuing Education office at 715-389-6530.

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Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance. 
Please contact Continuing Education at 715-346-3838 or