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Fractions, Decimals and Percents

​Session 1   


Part I
Part II
Part III

Presentation (PowerPoint)  Presentation (.pdf)

Standards Session 1

Welcome Activity 

BLM 1 - National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Learning Principle 

BLM 2 - Math Web Class 

BLM 3 - Tangram Pattern Robot 

BLM 4 - Tangram Pattern Rabbit 

BLM 5 - Tangram Pattern Shovel 

BLM 6 - Tangram Pattern Square 

BLM 7 - Tangram Pattern Rectangle 

BLM 8 - Tangram Pattern Triangle 

BLM 9 - Bringing Mathematics Home 1 

Tangram Template 

Online Tangrams 

Online Game: Mystery Fraction and Fraction Fun  (works best with Firefox)  

Session 2


Part I
Part II
Part III

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Standards Sessions 2-4 

BLM 10 - NCTM Problem Solving Standard 

BLM 11 - Color Tile Collections 

BLM 12 - Color Tile Mysteries 

BLM 13 - Bringing Mathematics Home 2 

BLM 14 - Fraction Problems I 

Colour Tiles Template 

Online Color Tiles 


Session 3

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Part I
Part II
Part III

Standards Session 2-4 

BLM 15 - NCTM Number and Operation Standard (Grades 3-5) 

BLM 16 - Sharing Cookies 

BLM 17 - Pattern Block Chart 

BLM 18 - Bringing Mathematics Home 3 

BLM 19 - Fraction Problems II 

Online Pattern Blocks 

Online Game:  Sharing Cookies (works best with FireFox)

​Session 4



Part I
Part II
Part III

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Handout​ - Less Than, Greater Than, In Between

Standards​ Session 2-4

BLM 20 - NCTM Communication Standard

BLM 21 - Measuring Map

BLM 22 - List of Locations

BLM 23 - Cuisenaire® Rod Relationships

BLM 24 - Bringing Mathematics Home 4

BLM 25 - Fraction Problems III

Online Cuisenaire® Rods​ (works best in FireFox) 

​Session 5


Part I
Part II

Part III

Presentation (PowerPoint)   Presentation (.pdf)

Standards​ Sessions 5 & 6

BLM 26 - NCTM Technology Principle

BLM 27 - Which is Larger?

BLM 28 - Decimal Strips

BLM 29 - Bringing Mathematics Home 5

BLM 30 - Decimal Problems I

Online Base 10 Blocks   

​​Session 6


Part I
Part II

Part III

Presentation (PowerPoint)   Presentation (.pdf)

Standards​ Sessions 5 & 6

BLM 31 - NCTM Reasoning and Proof Standard

BLM 32 - Fraction Family Cards

BLM 33 - Fraction Strips A

BLM 34 - Fraction Strips B

BLM 35 - Fraction-Decimal Summary Chart

BLM 36 - Bringing Home Mathematics Home 6

BLM 37​ - Decimal Problems II

Online Game:  Math Maze (works best with in FireFox)

Online Fraction Tracks​

Online Visual Fractions​


​​Session 7


Part I

Part II and III


Presentation (PowerPoint)   Presentation (.pdf)

Standards​ Session 7

BLM 38 - NCTM Number and Operation Standard-Grades 6-8

BLM 39 - Transparent Grids

BLM 40 - Percent Estimation

BLM 41 - Percent and Color Tiles

BLM 42 - Percent Grids

BLM 43 - Percent Number Lines

BLM​ 44​ - Bringing Mathematics Home 7

BLM 45 - Top Ten Tips for Parents

BLM 46​- Percent Problems

Online Game:  Math Maze (works best with in FireFox)


​​Session 8


Part I


Presentation (PowerPoint)   Presentation (.pdf)

Standards​ Session 8

BLM 47 - NCTM Connection Standard

BLM 48 - Percent Strip

BLM 49 - Cuisenaire® Rod Puzzles

BLM 50 - Bringing Mathematics Home 8

BLM 51 - How Will Math Look in Your Child's Classroom?


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