Teaching English as a Second Language and Bilingual/Bicultural Online Certification


Course Curriculum

 English as a Second Language Certification Requirements


A. Demonstrated proficiency in English


B. Two semesters of college level foreign language or equivalent high school experience

 Any language or test out

HMNG 101: First Year Hmong (summer only)
HMNG 102: First Year Hmong (summer only)

C. Structure of the English language and language acquisition

 ENG 395/595: Linguistics and Grammar for Teachers (summer)

D. Minority Cultures

Take any class that discusses issues related to being a part of a minority culture living in the U.S. A sample class at UW-Stevens Point is ANTH 101: Contemporary Cultural Diversity. Online classes may be taken at other institutions. Please make sure to check with us if the class you plan to take fits the requirement.

E. English courses 

Three classes are needed to fulfill this requirement:

1. learn about teaching reading

2. learn about teaching language arts/composition

3. literature class


These classes need to be geared toward the developmental age range of initial teaching license (either a. Early Childhood (ages 0-8) and Middle Childhood/Earl Adolescence (ages 6-13) or b. Early Adolescence/Adolescence (ages 10-21)).


F. ESL Teaching Methods

 FLED 344/544: Teaching English as a Second Language (summer) 

G. Student/Intern Teaching or Practicum

 FLED 397/597: Practicum (fall, spring and summer)

Bilingual/Bicultural Teaching Certification Requirements 

A. Acquired ESL Teacher Certification
B. Proficiency in a Second Language
C. Bilingual/Bicultural Required Courses
FLED 345/545, Section 88: Methods in Bilingual Education (summer)

FLED 397/597: Practicum in Bilingual ESL (fall, spring and summer)

FLED 399: Language Proficiency in Bilingual (fall, spring and summer) Requires additional test fee

Praxis Information


Certified teachers should consult with Dr. Tobias Barske regarding the timing of when they are required to pass the Praxis II - 5361, and when they are allowed to register for practicum. This timing will vary on a case-by-case basis depending on each person’s curriculum.


Praxis II for Teaching English as a Second Language – code 5361


In order to be eligible for licensure, students must have the Praxis II #5361 “English to Speakers of Other Languages” test passed with a score of 143 or higher.


The exam requires registration. The registration deadline tends to be about one month prior to the exam date. The test is only given during limited dates each year and it takes at least 4-5 weeks to receive your scores. Exams are administered on a schedule that varies in frequency more than a month apart from each other. Some exam sessions fill up early, so make sure to plan ahead and make sure you have a back-up plan to ensure you have taken the exam and have the results prior to student teaching.


The test date schedule is available at:




Information about the exam, including registration information is available at:




NOTE:  ETS does not mail Praxis II scores. You will have a one-year window in which you can get your scores from their website. You should save them someone place safe as a .pdf file. After that, they charge a considerable fee. We recommend downloading your score report to your computer, a backup system and print a few copies with colored ink. Also, the company only keeps them for 10 years, so you may want to order an original score report for your permanent records. You will also need to include a copy of your score report when you request us to upload your license approval to DPI’s website.


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