STEM Career Day

Registration Information: please read this page thoroughly  

  • Registration after opening day is still based on a first-come, first-served system. 
  • Registration for this event is only available online.
  • No paper, phone, email, and faxed registrations will be accepted at any time. 
  • Seats will not be held in any workshop for later registration. 
  • Chaperones and/or parents should register students. 
  • Students should not register themselves.
  • Chaperones should register themselves first with all demographic information, then register each student from the school.
  • Always use the accompanying chaperone or parent’s email address on the registration form. 

First-come, first-serve registration system-how it works:

Since the program is first-come, first-served, you benefit from registering quickly (the Paper Sign-up Form helps you to do that). As others register at the same time, workshops will say “FULL” and you may need to choose workshops on behalf of your students. Two systems are in place to make registration quicker and to will secure workshops selections for those registering early and with large groups. All demographic information will remain intact for each new student entered and a one hour hold will be placed on workshops selected (read below). 

How the One Hour Hold on Workshops Works:

When you get to the point of entering your very first Workshop A (for your first student), mark down the time when you pressed "Continue" on the Workshop A page. This is when your one hour time frame begins. Enter as many students as you can within one hour from that time. YOU MUST press "Continue" on the page titled "Payment Method" for the workshops to be secured. If you do not reach this step within one hour, your workshops are released and are not secured with you.  No exceptions.

Confirmation Letters

Confirmation letters are generated for each student registering online. If 10 students register with one school, 10 emails will be sent to the chaperone email address provided. Each confirmation letter will have workshop selections and the names of the students. Important information related to the event will be posted on each letter. Make sure to visit the link on the confirmation letter prior to the event.

How to Register a Large School Group:

Register the chaperone first by using the chaperone’s name, the school’s name and address, and the chaperone’s email. Choose "Chaperone" as the registration type. On the summary page, click "Next Registration” and you can then enter the first and last name (and your email address again) for your first student. All the demographic information provided for the chaperone will remain intact. On the next pages, choose workshops A, B and C and on the summary page choose to edit where necessary. Click “Next Registration” to enter more people.

Example of the online registration pages:   

This example demonstrates a registration for a large school group:
1. Page 1/Demographic Information: Always enter the chaperone’s name first. Enter a chaperone’s name and email address and the school’s name and mailing address.  
2. Registration Details Page: Select either student or chaperone type.
Choose Chaperone.  
a. Click “Continue”.   
3. FULL Summary Page: Shows demographic information and any workshops selected (none for chaperones). You can press any edit key to make changes or,
a. Click “Next Registration” to enter more people, or if finished,
b. Click “Check Out” to proceed to payment screen.
4. Page 1/Demographic Information: This page will appear next if you clicked “Next Registration” in step 3. All previously entered demographic information will remain except email address.  
a. Enter a first and last name of a student.  Paste in the chaperone/parent email address (CNTL + V) or type it in.
b. Press, “Continue”.
5. Registration Details Page: Choose student registration.  
a. Click “Continue”.  
6. Select Workshop A Page: This page will appear if you selected student registration.  If you indicated chaperone registration, the Full Summary Page will appear.
a. Select one Workshop A.  

When you get to this page for the first time, mark down the time when you pressed "Continue" on the Workshop A page.  This is when your one hour time frame begins. Enter as many students as you can within one hour from that time.  This is how you secure selected workshops, so they do not get taken by others registering at the same time. YOU MUST press "Continue" on the page titled "Payment Method" (step 11) for the workshops to be secured. If you do not do this step within the hour, your workshops are released. No exceptions
b. Click "Continue".
7. Select Workshop B Page: 
a.Select one Workshop B.  
b. Click "Continue".   
8. Select Workshop C Page: 
a. Select one Workshop C.  
b. Click "Continue".
9. FULL Summary Page: Shows demographic information and any workshops selected (none for chaperones). 
You can press “Edit” keys to make changes or just proceed.
a. Click “Next Registration” to enter more people. This will direct you to step 4 above.
b. Click “Check Out” to proceed.
10. Registration Fee Summary Page: This page will show each registrant and the registration fee.
a. Press “Remove” or “Edit” to make changes. 
b. Press “Add New” to enter more people.
c. Press “Continue” to proceed.
10a. Cancellation/Refund Policy Page: This page only appears after your last summary-after pressing "Continue" in step 10 above.
11. Payment Method Page:  Select a payment type.
a. Select a payment type (check or credit card).

If any individual student or student within a group will be applying for scholarship, you MUST ONLY select check.   Do not pre-pay or pay by credit card if any student scholarships are part of your registration. You will be invoiced for any student who is non-scholarship. Do not prepay.  
b. Press "Continue".  This confirms workshops you selected.
12. After One Hour has Past
After the one hour time frame has past and you still have more students to register, you need to start over from Number 1 above. More than one person can register students from your school on opening day on different computers. If you choose to go this route, please make sure to have the exact same demographic information (school name, address and email address).