​Volunteer Information: STEM Exploration Days

Continuing Education and Outreach relies heavily on volunteers to run the STEM Exploration Day events held at UW-Stevens Point. Each event includes 40 or more presenters and between 350-500 participants.  This many people requires a well-organized and seamless program and we need volunteers like you, to be successful!  

Why Volunteer?

The events provide an opportunity for you to network with STEM professionals, support a community outreach program, its initiative, and to also engage in a university activity.  

Volunteer Options

There are four ways to volunteer.  You may help setup the event, check-in students at the registration table, escort students to each workshop or help a presenter within a workshop as a workshop assistant. You may volunteer for more than one position!

Setup and Check-in

Setup begins in and around the DUC Laird room at 7 a.m.  Setup volunteers will help move materials (stored overnight near the Laird room) into conference spaces to prepare rooms.  Some light lifting is involved.  Check-in volunteers willtake students from the DUC Lobby into the Laird room.  They help students find a seat and help to distribute event materials, then get another group.  Setup runs 7-8 a.m. and Check-in runs 8-9 a.m.


The attending students are minors and need to be escorted to each location during the event. Escorts take groups of approximately 15-30 students at a time, carry a workshop sign and wear a white lab coat (fits over your coat), so students can locate you easily.  These visual identifiers work great for the attendees...plus, lab coats are just really cool! 

Workshop Helpers 

Presenters occasionally need help within their workshop, so workshop assistants are recruited to aid the presenter with material setup, help the students with the activity and help with crowd control. Workshop assistants are not asked to present any material.  

Workshop helpers are assigned to presenters prior to the event. You must be able to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the workshop (unless also escorting).  You will not be contacted by the presenter prior to the workshop.  

​Conference Schedule

​Event setup
​7-8 a.m.
​Registration and Exhibit Exploration (Laird Room, DUC)
​8-9 a.m.
​Welcome and Keynote Presentation (Laird Room)
​9-9:35 a.m.
SLOT 1: ​Escorts take students to Workshop A (From Laird Room)
​9:45-10 a.m.
Workshop A (Various locations)
​10-11 a.m.
SLOT 2: ​​Escorts pick up students from Workshop A (From various locations to Laird Room) 
​11 a.m.
​Lunch (Laird Room)/ UWSP Admissions Drawing (Approx. 11:20-11:35 a.m.)
​11-11:35 a.m.
SLOT 3: ​​Escorts take students to Workshop B (From Laird Room)
​​Workshop B (Various locations)
​Noon-1 p.m.
​​SLOT 4: Escorts pick up students from Workshop B (From various locations to Sundial) 
​1-1:07 p.m.
​​SLOT 5: Escorts take students to Workshop C (From Sundial
​1:08-1:15 p.m.
​Workshop C (Various locations)
​1:15-2:15 p.m.
​SLOT 6: Escorts pick up students from Workshop C (From various locations to HEC) 
​2:15-2:30 p.m.
​End of conference.
​2:30 p.m.
Students will wait for transportation pick-up under the marquee sign.  Chaperones should be present. Buses should line up on Fourth Avenue. ​ 

Volunteer Expectations

Volunteers need to be timely, professional, committed, and have a positive attitude while representing the university on behalf of Continuing Education and Outreach. Many attendees have never visited UW-Stevens Point or any university before, so we want to make the a good impression. Energized and engaged volunteers make the event fun for everyone, including the staff!  Feel free to ask the students how the workshop was and engage them in discussion. 

NOTE:  Attendees pay $40 each to attend this event and expect it to run as advertised.  Should you not be able to volunteer, and not show up, you will cause a significant disruption in our preset schedule.  If you are unable to volunteer, please try to provide a week notice or find a replacement. We want to provide a seamless event and do so by being as prepared as possible.  


You are made aware of your volunteer assignment at least one week prior to the event.  Complete directions including where to go, how to check-in prior to your assignment and how the event is run, are included. 

Check-in (Required)

Every volunteer must check-in at the volunteer check-in location (DUC 236) at some point prior to their assignment.  Check-in will be open beginning at 7 a.m.

Two-Deep Policy (for minors)

This event is catered to minors, so university policy requires a two-deep policy (two adults in any room with minors). For every presenter without a co-presenter, an escort or volunteer will be placed in the workshop so that no adult is presenting alone. If you are an escort, you may be asked to sit in on the workshop so we follow university policy.  If you sit in on a workshop, you are not necessarily the workshop assistant unless the presenter had asked for one.  You are there as only the second adult.   

Complimentary Items

Selected volunteers will receive a complimentary lunch and a t-shirt.  You may specify that you want vegetarian, non-vegetarian or a custom veg/non-veg lunch-if you have dietary restrictions.

Lunch is from 11-11:45 a.m. in the Dreyfus University Laird room as well as in room DUC 235 (kitchenette) for the presenters and volunteers.  You may use DUC 235 to eat.

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Sign up Form

To sign up, complete the electronic form.  It will capture your contact information, includes questions on the position you want to fill, your lunch option, t-shirt size and has a few questions about your student status and events you attended at UW-Stevens Point.   

STEM Exploration Day for Girls: Friday, February 23, 2018   
Everyone will receive an email from Samantha Pech spech@uwsp.edu by February 9, 2018 to confirm your position as a volunteer.  If you signed up after February 9 and did not receive an email by February 19, you are not on the schedule for the event. 

Samantha Pech will send the final schedule to the selected volunteers on February 19, to include complete directions for the day. 
Click here to volunteer at this event  

Escorts are needed for Friday, February 23 email Samantha Pech at spech@uwsp.edu if you can volunteer. 

STEM Exploration Day for Boys: Friday, November 10, 2017
This event is complete