Aquaponics Master Class

Nelson and Pade, Inc.’s aquaponics workshops attract attendees from around the world due to the high quality of the experience, the depth of the information, and the extensive knowledge that the Nelson and Pade, Inc. team can offer. These well organized workshops are highly informative, friendly, and fun!
Complete program information is also available by visiting the Nelson & Pade website.


University Credit Options

There are currently several options for university credit in Aquaponics.  Choose between:
  1. A one-credit add on to the Aquaponics Master Class
  2. A two credit online only course, or
  3. A three credit online course that includes a site visit with hands on experience in a working aquaponics greenhouse

University Non-credit Option - Register Now

Principles of Aquaponics (non-credit option)

Dates:  March 2 - May 13, 2016; all course requirements due on May 13, 2016.

Registration fee: $475.

Course Description:  General principles of the integrated science of aquaponics, the combination of aquaculture (fish culture) and hydroponic (soilles plant culture).  Introductory knowledge of aquaponic systems, biological functions, socio-economics and marketing. 

Textbook:  Aquaponic Food Production: Raising Fish and Plants for Food and Profit. Nelson, R.L. 2008. Available for purchase at UWSP Bookstore or Approximately $30.00

Professional Aquaponics Certificate Program

The aquaponics certificate is open to any student at an accredited college or university, life-long learners, and those seeking workforce training. 

 Check out the UW-Stevens Point Aquaponics webpage.

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