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*Please click on the committee and subcommittee names for current year memberships and meeting schedules.

Faculty Council 
The Faculty Council*  has the authority to recommend to the Common Council policies pertaining to the faculty affairs of unclassified personnel with a faculty appointment and to determine such policies subject to review by the Common Council. The council recommends policies pertaining to unclassified personnel recruitment, appointment, retention, promotion, tenure, and salary, and policies pertaining to the governance of departments, schools, colleges, the university, and the University of Wisconsin System.  (Please note, concerns of instructional academic staff are referred to the Academic Staff Council. 
Common Council faculty councilors diversification rules can be changed by Faculty Council, pending approval by the faculty members of Common Council.

The 2018-2019 Faculty Council chair is Jennifer Collins (, 715-346-2439).
Subcommittees of the Faculty Council include:  
  • Faculty Mediation Subcommittee*
    The Faculty Mediation Subcommittee appoints hearing committees to conduct hearings in any of the following: non-renewal of probationary faculty appointments; denial of tenure; dismissal of faculty; layoff of faculty for financial emergency; complaints of/against faculty; grievances of/against faculty; failure to reappointment fixed term classroom teaching academic staff; dismissal of classroom teaching academic staff; complaints of/against classroom teaching academic staff; and grievances of/against classroom teaching academic staff. 
  • Faculty Salary Subcommittee*
    The Faculty Salary Subcommitteehas the authority to review all policies for the distribution of salary to the faculty including for those who hold administrative appointments, makes recommendations on such to the Faculty Council, and proposes revisions or new plans for distribution of salary to the Faculty Council. 
  • Sabbatical Review Subcommittee*
    The Sabbatical Review Subcommittee has the responsibility of ranking sabbatical proposals on a competitive basis and submitting the ranked list to the provost.  The subcommittee consists of eight tenured faculty elected by the faculty and the Director of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs as a non-voting ex officio member.

    Information regarding the sabbatical process is available at the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs,
  • University Awards Subcommittee*
    The University Awards Subcommittee has the authority, according to rules prescribed by the University Handbook, to select faculty recipients of University Awards and the UW-Stevens Point nominees for the Regents Teaching Excellence Awards (one faculty or teaching academic staff and one academic department/program).  Information on deadlines, nomination coversheets, and award rubrics are at
**When revising the Constitution of the Common Council or University Handbook, please make sure to use the most current text for proposed revisions.  Strike-out should be used for deleted text and underscore for new text of revisions. 
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