​Diversity Council

Chair, Lindsay Bernhagen  (2020-2021)  

Membership and Meeting Schedules can be found here 

Scope and Authority: The committee shall have the authority to make recommendations on matters and policies including: 

1. Developing and maintaining a supportive atmosphere for the inclusion and appreciation of diversity among all members of the university community. 

2. Strategic efforts regarding diversity within educational and work settings. 

3. Integrating faculty, staff, and students into the larger university community. 

4. Fostering a university environment that is inclusive and supportive of differences. 

5. Advising the Senior Diversity Officer on the implementation of the Diversity Plan and Inclusive Excellence. Constitution of the Common Council p. 23 of 38 UW-Stevens Point 

6. Serving as an advisory Council for the Office of Diversity and College Access. 

7. Advising university leaders and shared governance groups regarding diversity and inclusive excellence.