Public Relations

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Pursuit of this emphasis prepares students for entry-level positions in public relations, such as fundraising, promotion, lobbying, working in chambers of commerce, or working for non-profit or for-profit organizations. Opportunities to work for full-service or in-house PR departments are also common. Organizations realize the necessity of communicating with important groups in their environments and the necessity to promote their products or services effectively, in addition to managing the stresses and inaction that come with crises or change. Public Relations is a profession that stresses the connection between an organization and its publics. Job possibilities are limited only by a student’s imagination.


Minimal Requirements:

Required Courses: (12 crs.)

  • Comm 221: Basic Journalism: Newswriting and Reporting
  • Comm 230: Introduction to Public Relations
  • Comm 334: Writing for Public Relations (prereq: 221 and 230)
  • Comm 431: Public Relations Campaigns (prereq: sr st, 334 + 12 PR credits) 

Additional Requirements:

  • Students must complete Comm 480: Internship or Comm 485: Externship  

Electives: (12 crs.)

A minimum of four courses from the following:

  • Comm 322: Communication Graphics Laboratory*
        Subtitles: Publication Design, Digital Photography
  • Comm 330: Public Relations Laboratory* (prereq: 230)
        Sample Subtitles: PR in the Arts, Sports PR, Social Media
  • Comm 333: Case Studies in Public Relations (prereq: 230)
  • Comm 336: Communication and Promotional Strategies
  • Comm 338: Special Topics in Public Relations*^
  • Comm 339: Crisis Communication (prereq: 230)
  • Comm 390: Seminar* (PR-relevant focus) (prereq: cons instr)
  • Comm 392: Communication Ethics 

Other elective courses may be available.             

* Indicates a variable-focus course. Course may be repeated for credit when different subtitles are offered.

 ^ Courses typically taught through Continuing Education. Variable-focus. Course may be repeated for credit when different subtitles are offered.


Requirements for:

Communication Major
Media Studies
Public Relations
Arts Management Major
Communication Minor
Arts Management Minor