Interpersonal and
Organizational Communication

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Interpersonal and Organizational Communication are areas of study that combine the complex communicative behaviors that occur in relational and organizational settings. Students pursuing the Interpersonal and Organizational Communication emphasis have a variety of courses to choose from that prepare them for careers in personnel, human relations, training, guidance, sales, human services and many other professions. In addition, students in areas such as business, forestry, paper science, education, psychology and political science often find the skills taught in Interpersonal/Organizational courses to be invaluable for preparing them for their future careers. This is a highly flexible emphasis, emphasizing the complex nature of communication in everyday life and its importance to success in both business and personal settings.

Required Courses

Minimal Requirements:

Required Courses: (9 crs.)

  • Comm 240: Introduction to Organizational Communication
  • Comm 280: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
  • Comm 345: Small Group Communication (prereq: 240 and 280) 

Electives: (15 crs.)
A minimum of five courses from the following:

  • Comm 342: Organizational Communication Laboratory* (prereq: 240)
               Sample Subtitles: Negotiation, Training & Development
  • Comm 343: Organizational Assessment (prereq: 240)
  • Comm 348: Special Topics in Organizational Communication*^
                Sample Subtitle: Leadership
  • Comm 349: Organizational Communication Topics* (prereq: 240)
                Sample Subtitle: Case Studies
  • Comm 382: Introduction to Health Communication
  • Comm 383: Interpersonal Communication in Organizations (prereq: 240 or 280)
  • Comm 385: Interpersonal Communication Laboratory* (prereq: 280)
  •             Sample Subtitle: Provider-Patient Communication
  • Comm 387: Interviewing (prereq: 280)
  • Comm 388: Special Topics in Interpersonal Communication*^
                Sample Subtitle: Language of Love
  • Comm 389: Personal Communication Topics* (prereq: 280)
                Sample Subtitles: Conflict Management, Language & Social Interaction, Family Comm, Sales
  • Comm 390: Seminar* (IP or Org Focus) (prereq: cons instr)
                Sample Subtitle: Political Comm
  • Comm 392: Communication Ethics
  • Comm 394: Business & Professional Communication
  • Comm 396: Communication and Gender
  • Comm 397: Intercultural Communication 

Other elective courses may be available.
* Indicates a variable-focus course. Course may be repeated for credit when different subtitles are offered.
^ Courses typically taught through Continuing Education. Variable-focus. Course may be repeated for credit when different subtitles are offered.


Requirements for:

Communication Major
Media Studies
Public Relations
Arts Management Major
Communication Minor
Arts Management Minor