Arts Management Minor

Available only to students majoring in Art, Dance, Music, or Theatre. If you are interested in declaring a arts management minor, you must meet with a division representative. Go to the Communication office (CAC 225) or call 715.346.3409 to make an appointment.

You must complete at least these minimum requirements (65-73 credits) with a GPA of 2.75 or higher:

Consists of a minimum of  23 credits:

1.    Required:
        a. ARTM 195 & 280.
        b. Accounting 210.
        c. Comm 221,230,334

2.    Electives: 6 credits of the following:  ARTM 300, Business 221, 320, 330, 340, CIS 373, COMM 253, 322, 330, 336, 339, or ENGL ENGL 347. Other electives may be available with prior approval.

3.    ARTM 100 may not be used to complete the minor.

Academic Standards

1.     In order to graduate with a major or minor in arts management, you must achieve a 2.75 GPA regardless of a declaration of academic bankruptcy.

2.     Any major/minor falling below a 2.75 GPA will be placed on probation in the Division of Communication. If you fail to regain a 2.75 GPA after the next semester you enroll in a communication/arts management courses, you will be dismissed from the major/minor.

3.     Courses with a grade below C- DO NOT fulfill major or minor requirements, but are included in the calculation of the major or minor GPA. See the More Academic Information section of this catalog for the policy on repeating courses.

4.     Transfer credit policy: Certain courses taken at other universities may substitute for courses in the major. Credits from these courses will be counted when calculating your GPA in communication.

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