Welcome to the Division of Communication at UWSP! The broad training students receive in the Division enables our graduates to enter a variety of positions in areas such as radio or television production, arts management, public relations, journalism, human services, human resources, or management (to name only a few). One of the key ingredients to having an excellent college experience – and preparing yourself to enter tomorrow’s job market – is developing a good relationship with your academic advisor. This website will help you do just that.

BA - Arts Management
BA - Interpersonal and Organizational
BA - Public Relations
BA - Media Studies
BS - Interpersonal and Organizational
BS - Media Studies
BS - Public Relations

Our Mission

The mission of advising in the Division of Communication is to assist students in the development of individual programs of study and to help clarify the relationship between those programs and students’ career goals.

Typically, this process includes assisting students in planning educational programs that do the following:

  1. Fulfill institutional and curricular requirements;
  2. Expose students to a variety of theoretical and practical bases of knowledge;
  3. Help clarify individual career goals; and
  4. Provide skills and materials necessary for seeking and occupying positions that will help students achieve their career goals.

Frequently  Asked Advising Questions

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