The Division of Communication awards over $12,000 annually to deserving UWSP students. Some of the scholarships typically awarded are highlighted below. Most of the awards are presented at our  Communication Awards Banquet, hosted each spring.
Each award has its own set of criteria, which might include a number of characteristics such as year in school, grade point average, financial need, emphasis area, or involvement in student organizations. Some are determined through faculty nominations; others require an application. For those requiring an application, any student who is eligible to apply for a particular award will be notified via e-mail of their eligibility and instructed how and when to submit the application.

Mike Beacom Scholarship

Presented to an ambitious continuing Communication student who has excelled with the help of internships and/or other career-related opportunities. Mr. Beacom is a UWSP alumnus and an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in a number of national publications.

Leland Burroughs Scholarship

Presented to outstanding undergraduates and first-year graduate students. Professor Burroughs helped to form the speech program at UWSP.

Albert J. Croft Memorial Award

Presented to outstanding graduate students. Dr. Croft helped to start the communication program at UWSP and served as chair of the department.

Walter Jay and Clara Charlotte Damm Scholarships

Presented to outstanding undergraduate and graduate students with an interest in media. The Milwaukee Journal Foundation funds these awards.

Lee Sherman Dreyfus Award

Presented to an outstanding junior. Dr. Dreyfus, who served as Wisconsin’s governor from 1979-1983, is a former communication professor and chancellor at UWSP.

Steven Heller Student Involvement Scholarship

Presented to an outstanding undergraduate student who has excelled in the classroom and in a variety of student organizations. Mr. Heller is a successful UWSP alumnus.

Dan and Audrey Houlihan Scholarship

Presented to an outstanding journalism student. Professor Houlihan taught journalism for many years at UWSP and served as advisor to The Pointer.

Larry Kokkeler Memorial Scholarship

Presented to outstanding public relations students. Dr. Kokkeler taught public relations and advertising for many years at UWSP.

Jonathon Little Scholarship

Presented to an outstanding junior in media studies. Mr. Little, a UWSP alum, has had a highly successful career in radio and media research.

Greg Loescher Scholarship

Presented to a student who has achieved success in public speaking. Mr. Loescher is a successful publishing executive.

Susan Moriarity Memorial Award

Presented to an outstanding public relations student. Ms. Moriarity was studying public relations at UWSP at the time of her death.

O’Donnell Family Scholarship

Presented to an outstanding communication major. Maggie (O’Donnell) Diamantidis, 2013, distinguished Alumna of the College of Fine Arts and Communication and one of six O’Donnell siblings who attended UW-Stevens Point, created this scholarship to honor her parents Jack and Peggy O’Donnell and her family.

Elizabeth Parkinson Scholarship

Presented to an outstanding undergraduate. Ms. Parkinson was an important community leader in Stevens Point.

Dick Rogers Memorial Scholarship

Presented to an outstanding student in interpersonal communication. Professor Rogers taught interpersonal communication at UWSP for many years.

Sentry Scholarship

Sentry Insurance funds this award to recognize undergraduate excellence.

James Schuh Scholarship

Presented to outstanding broadcasting students. Mr. Schuh was a long-time broadcaster and journalist. He teaches broadcast management at UWSP.

Stephen A. Walther Scholarship

Presented to an outstanding undergraduate with financial need. Mr. Walther, a UWSP alumnus, had a very successful career in magazine publishing.