Graduate Instructional Assistantships

Full-time students may apply for a graduate instructional assistantship and teach three discussion sections of a university-required public speaking course each semester. Graduate instructional assistants (IAs) receive an approximately $16,000 annual stipend, plus an out-of–state tuition waiver.

The week prior to the start of the fall semester, graduate instructional assistants participate in a training program that provides them with the information and skills necessary to succeed in the classroom. Additionally, graduate instructional assistants participate in periodic meetings with the Director of Communication 101 and fellow graduate assistants.

Graduate students are also eligible for insurance benefits. Graduate instructional assistants are provided with access to a personal desktop computer in a shared office space.

Graduate instructional assistants typically complete the program in two years, although they may elect to complete the program on a three-year plan. However, this option must be declared at the end of the graduate student’s first semester of graduate work as a graduate assistant.

Additionally, graduate instructional assistants must enroll in a minimum of four (4) graduate credits each semester to remain eligible for their assistantship.

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