Internship Programs

The Internship Program

Internship PhotoThe Division of Communication has sponsored a successful internship program for many decades.  In today’s competitive job market, many employers prefer graduates who have demonstrated their abilities in a successful internship.

The Advantage of an Internship

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, more than 50% of all U.S. students have completed an internship before graduating from college.  Many in the communication field have held multiple internship assignments.
There are three key reasons for considering an internship.  First, many of the graduates you will complete with for the best jobs will be able to demonstrate their success in the workplace through their internships.  Second, many employers want to see evidence of your work performance and they will respect graduates who have had internship assignments.  Third, often successful interns have an inside track in getting full-time positions after graduation.
A good internship will allow you to:
  • Improve your skill sets;
  • Build your portfolio;
  • Test drive a job to see if you like it; and
  • Build professional connections and references.  

Woman in TV StudioMany Options are Possible

Our students have completed successful internships with a wide variety of organizations and businesses throughout the United States.  Successful placements have taken place all over the country working for media organizations, public relations firms, governmental offices, entertainment venues, corporations and nonprofit groups.

Internships – All the Basics

In order to help you understand the internship application process and the requirements of the program, please review our frequently asked questions. {Link to Application/FAQS}