Externship Programs

The Externship Program

Qualified students are able to work in London during their senior year in the Division of Communication’s externship program.  This is a wonderful opportunity for highly motivated students to experience a professional work experience in an urban setting.  Students have worked for NBC News, the Associated Press, top British public relations firms, Parliament, theatres and many other exciting venues.


The Externship in Communication (Communication 485) is limited to highly qualified communication majors.  Only seniors with a GPA of 2.75 or above are eligible.  Students must demonstrate their success in appropriate coursework and other professional experiences to apply for a placement in London.  Students must have the support of their academic advisor and be screened through a meeting with the division head.

General Policies

Externships are available during the fall, spring and summer terms.  In all cases, students will earn six credits of Communication 485 for this experience.  Generally, students will work fulltime for three days each week (24 hours per week) while in London.  British law also requires students to take other classes while living and working in London.  Only three of the six credits of Communication 485 will count for your communication major.  The other three credits count as upper level electives for your UWSP degree.
Students who have completed communication internships (Communication 480) are also eligible for externships.  In fact, those who have excelled in internships are often the strongest candidates for externship positions.


Students interested in an externship must obtain their application materials through the UWSP International Programs Office.  See the International Programs website at (www.uwsp.edu/studyabroad/Pages/destinations/London_internsem.aspx) for more information.
Application interviews with the division head can be scheduled by contacting the Division of Communication, 225 Communication Arts Center, 715/346-3409.