Arts Management Externship

The capstone experience for Arts Management majors is a 12-credit externship. Students have two options for completing the externship requirement.

Option 1: ARTM 480.  Arts Management Capstone: Externship in Arts Management:  12 cr. Placement in arts agency in a large city environment, full time for 15 weeks. Prereq: All other coursework in arts management major must be completed to enroll.

The steps to enroll in the externship are:

    1. Students will start exploring placement possibilities at least two semesters before their externship. They are invited to be in communication with the academic supervisor and exchange information.
    2. Once students identify an option that they want to pursue, they need to fill out the Proposal and get approval from the academic supervisor.
    3. Finally, students need to fill out a Learning Contract with their on-site supervisor and turn it in to the academic supervisor to get permission to register.

The syllabus details the requirements for the experience and the evaluation forms collect the student's and the on-site supervisor's assessment of the externship. For additional information contact

Option 2: ARTM 485. Arts Management Capstone: Externship in Arts Management (London):  6 cr. Part-time placement through UWSP International Programs in an arts agency in London. Prereq: All other coursework in arts management major must be completed to enroll.; con reg in 6 additional credits of coursework selected in consultation with the International Programs office. Complete experience must total 12 credits. (fall and spring only).

The syllabus details the requirements for the experience and the evaluation forms collect the student's and the on-site supervisor's assessment of the externship. For additional information contact

Students are assisted by the International Programs Office in arranging their externship in London. The syllabus details the requirements for the experience. 

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