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Arts management combines skills in business, communication and the arts to promote all facets of the arts in any size community. Arts managers are responsible for financing and marketing, developing programs, managing facilities, writing grants, and managing personnel to support artists and arts agencies.

This interdisciplinary major consists of courses in arts management, business, communication and the arts, two internships, and a semester-long externship. With this major you will explore the interrelationship of the arts, communication skills, and business constraints that apply to the financing, producing, promoting, and marketing of the arts. In addition to artistic and cultural values, you will learn practical skills of organizational development, public relations, marketing, and leadership in the arts.


Arts Management Major (BA)

You must complete at least these minimum requirements (65-73 credits) with a GPA of 2.75 or higher:

1.      Arts Management – 23 credits required

  • ARTM 100: Orientation to Arts Management or COMM100: Orientation to Communication
  • ARTM 195: Introduction to Arts Management
  • ARTM 280: Arts Management Internship (prereq: 100, 195)
  • ARTM 380: Arts Management Internship (prereq: 100, 195, 280)
  • ARTM 395: Seminar in Arts Management (prereq: 100, 195, 280, 380)
  • Either 
       1) ARTM 480: Arts Management Capstone: Externship or
       2) ARTM 485: Arts Management Capstone: Externship (London) plus 6 additional credits selected in consultation with the International Programs Office (fall and spring semesters only) (prereq: All other courses for the major must be completed before enrolling for 480 or 485)

2.      Business – 12 credits required

  • ACCT 210: Introductory Financial Accounting
  • BUS 320: Principles of Management
  • BUS 330: Principles of Marketing
  • BUS 340: Business Law & Ethics

3.      Communication – 12 credits required

  • COMM 221: Newswriting and Reporting I
  • COMM 230: Introduction to Public Relations
  • COMM 334: Public Relations Writing (prereq: 221 and 230)
  • COMM 431: Public Relations Campaigns (prereq: sr st, 334 + 12 PR credits)

4.      Creative arts – 18 credits required (6 credits must be 300 level or above).

  • At least 9 credits must come from Art, Theatre, Dance, or Music. You may apply a maximum of 3 repeated course credits toward this requirement (e.g., music ensembles, theatre practicum).

    Remaining electives may come from category A or from the following:
  • ARTM 300: Topics in Arts Management*
  • Visual arts: IA 130, 150, 160, 210; BIOL 322.
  • Media Arts: COMM 160, 190, 192, 253, 320, 322*, 330* (PR in Entertainment and Arts or Social Media subtitle), 351, 352, 353, 356*, 360, 361, 362, 363*, 364, 365*, 367, 369; WDMD 100.
  • Literary Arts: COMM 374; ENGL 200, 211-214, 275-336); FREN 340; GERM 243, 340; SPAN 340, PHIL 303; C LT 102.

5.      Foreign Language – 0-8 credits required (depending upon placement) 

Other elective courses may be available.
* Indicates a variable-focus course. Course may be repeated for credit when different subtitles are offered.

Admission Procedures and Academic Standards for Arts Management Major

  1. You may make an appointment to declare a major in arts management in the Division of Communication office, Room 225, Communication Arts Center.

  2. You must maintain a grade point average of 2.75 for all courses in the major, regardless of a declaration of academic bankruptcy, to continue in the major and for graduation.

  3. Any major falling below a 2.75 GPA will be placed on probation in the Division of Communication. If you fail to regain a 2.75 GPA after the next semester in which you complete an Arts Management major course, you will be dismissed from the major.

  4. Courses with a grade below C- DO NOT fulfill major requirements; however, grades for those courses will be calculated into your major GPA.

  5. Transfer credit policy: Certain courses taken at other universities may substitute for courses in the major. Credits from these courses will be counted when calculating your GPA in arts management.


Students are required to take (2) internships (ARTM 280, ARTM 380) and (1) externship (ARTM 480 or ARTM 485). 

Courses in Arts Management

ARTM 100. Orientation to Arts Management. 1 cr, pass/fail. Orientation to the majors in the Division of Communication. May not earn credit for both ARTM 100 and COMM 100.

ARTM 195. Introduction to Arts Management. 3 cr. Overview of the business of managing nonprofit organizations and people in arts-related professions. Awareness of the field, private and public arts agencies, and the arts in local communities. (spring only)

ARTM 280. Internship in Arts Management. 2 cr, pass/fail. Initial field experience in an arts agency or campus arts office. Prereq: 100,195.

ARTM 200. Topics in Arts Management. Subtitle will designate area. May repeat with different subtitle. Prereq: 100, 195.

ARTM 380. Internship in Arts Management. 2 cr, pass/fail. Advanced field experience in an arts agency or campus arts office.. Prereq: 100, 195, 280.

ARTM 395. Seminar in Arts Management. 3 cr. Become self-confident in dealing with the not-for-profit arts world by studying arts management topics using theoretical perspectives and case studies. Prereq: 100, 195, 280, 380.

ARTM 480. Arts Management Capstone. Externship in Arts Management. 12 cr. Placement in arts agency in a large city environment, full time for 15 weeks. Prereq: All other coursework in arts management major must be completed to enroll.

ARTM 485. Arts Management Capstone: Externship in Arts Management (London). 6 cr. Part-time placement through UWSP International Programs in an arts agency in London. Prereq: All other coursework in arts management major must be completed to enroll.; con reg in 6 additional credits of coursework selected in consultation with the International Programs office (Fall or Spring only).

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