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Faculty & Staff

Chris Shofner

Associate Professor
Media Studies

CAC 312


  • B.A.  Degree: Mass Media, Henderson State University
  • M.F.A. Degree: Electronic Art, University of Cincinnati

Courses Taught

  • COMM 105 - Foundations of Media Production
  • COMM 153 - Video Production for Non-Majors
  • COMM 200 - Communication Theory
  • COMM 253 - Media Production I
  • COMM 254 - Music Recording and Production
  • COMM 354 - Special Topics in Media Studies, Subtitle: Video Art
  • COMM 356 - Video Production II, Subtitle: Acting for the Camera
  • COMM 356 - Video Production II, Subtitle: Digital Storytelling
  • COMM 356 - Video Production II, Subtitle: Documentary Production
  • COMM 356 - Video Production II, Subtitle: Sports Production
  • COMM 460 - Media Studies Symposium


Chris Shofner is an Associate Professor in the Division of Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point where he teaches media production.  He received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Electronic Art from the college of DAAP at the University of Cincinnati.  He was formerly an Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of Mass Communication at East Central University, and a Full-time Instructor of Video Production at The Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati.  He was awarded three Regional Addy Awards for his work as the Promotions Producer at KTAL-TV in Shreveport, LA in 2006.  He is also an active artist.  His work has been exhibited in New York, Chicago, London, Istanbul, Toronto, and Berlin among others.  

Artist Statement

My goal is to achieve harmony by becoming more aware of how I interact with the world. I seek peace, privacy, and normalcy. It is this quest that manifests itself as my art. Like Marshall McLuhan I view media as an extension of man, though I tend to gravitate towards Neil Postman’s explanation of the medium as the metaphor. I believe just as Postman describes in his book Amusing Ourselves to Death, that “each medium, like language itself, makes possible a unique mode of discourse by providing a new orientation for thought, for expression, for sensibility.“
My work is typically digital or electronic in nature. It involves the identification and activation of the inherent elements of the media that stands to best serve the chosen message. This includes video, photography, sound/music, performance and/or installation. My work is a physical and emotional endurance challenge. It utilizes theories of persuasion, social influence, compliance gaining, cognitive dissonance, group think, deindividuation and semiotics to direct the experience. It often involves the appropriation of content (typically from social networking, video sharing, and online dating sites) in an attempt to rearrange our field of view, a new orientation, while pushing the limits of media law. I ask my audience to question how and why we think and act (react). Are they comfortable and should they be?

Recent Exhibitions


Videofocus: Stigmart10 Art Review; Web.


RE: TALE: Non-Fiction Gallery; Savannah, GA


Fear: Project Gallery; Toronto, Ontario Canada
.PDFAZING Open, NE Fest part of DA Fest; Sofia, Bulgaria
This is Chris Shofner: Studio 84; Whitewater, WI (Solo)


CoCA Annual: Georgetown Gallery; Seattle, WA
Festival NAA, "Staff Stuff": Casa Da Juventude; Barcelos, Portugal
Somatotopia: Public Space One; Iowa City, IA
ID / Identities: Koza Visual Culture and Arts Association; Istanbul, Turkey
ID / Identities: Avantgarde Hotel; Istanbul, Turkey
Capturing Time: Space Womb Gallery; Long Island City, NY
Simultan Festival #8: Facultatea De Arte/Mansarda; Timisoara, Romania
Faculty Exhibition: Pogue Art Gallery; Ada, OK
Summer Showcase;
Faculty Exhibition: Pogue Art Gallery; Ada, OK
Momentum OKC: Famer's Public Market; Oklahoma City, OK


Momentum Tulsa: Living Arts Gallery; Tulsa, OK
Faculty Exhibition: Pogue Art Gallery; Ada, OK
Momentum OKC; Farmer's Public Market; Oklahoma City, OK


Momentum Tulsa: Living Arts Gallery; Tulsa, OK


Faculty Exhibition: Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati; Cincinnati, OH
Faculty Exhibition: Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago; Chicago, IL


30 Days of New Life;
New Life Berlin Festival: New Life Shop; Berlin, Germany
Thesis Show: Reed Gallery; Cincinnati, OH
Touch Me: Reed-Meyers Galleries; Cincinnati, OH
O.K.: Engine 22 Gallery; Cincinnati, OH


Rocky's Reels: Meyers Gallery; Cincinnati, OH
Harmonic Damper: Engine 22 Gallery; Cincinnati, OH
Doomed!: Meyers Gallery; Cincinnati, OH
SOPO: Junior Gallery; Cincinnati, OH
The Constant: Episode Gallery; Cincinnati, OH
Open Source: Meyers Gallery; Cincinnati, OH
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