Spring 2014

News Briefs

Renowned scholar Alek Toumi (Foreign Languages) presented the keynote address at a Middlebury College event celebrating the 100th birthday of French Nobel Prize winning author, journalist and philosopher, Albert Camus. Toumi earned his Ph.D. from UW-Madison specializing in 20th century literature on Camus-Satre and has published three books on Camus.

Jennifer Collins (Political Science) gave the keynote address titled “Giants for Justice” at the Martin Luther King Jr. Day Community Celebration held at the Stevens Point Area Senior High School.

Retired College of Letters and Science Dean Justus Paul will be honored with the Academy of Letters and Science Community Award on April 26.  In addition to his longtime leadership, Paul authored several books chronicling the history of UW-Stevens Point and the state of Wisconsin.  Thirty-four students and two faculty members will also be honored at the event.

UW-Stevens Point was awarded a $150,000 grant from the United Soybean Board for research led by Associate Professor of Biology Devinder Sandhu. The plant geneticist is renowned for work to improve soybean yield and quality.  At least 10 undergraduate students will work with Sandhu on this project aimed at improving genetic traits in soybeans. Sandhu was part of a group of scientists from all over the world who sequenced the entire soybean genome in 2010.

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