Fall 2014

News Briefs

This summer, Associate Professor of Psychology Erica Weisgram participated in a panel at the Gender & STEM Network Conference in Berlin, Germany. Weisgram presented “Family-friendly science: The role of future family roles and women’s mother’s roles on positivity toward STEM careers.” The event is sponsored by the Gender & STEM Network, which aims to improve underrepresentation of girls and women in STEM fields.
Professor of Philosophy Karin Fry published Beyond Religious Right and Secular Left Rhetoric: The Road to Compromise. The book uncovers the differences between the religious right and secular left, examining how both movements have similar conceptual histories.
“Ecology of the Cooper’s Hawk in North Florida” has been named best monograph of the year by The Wildlife Society. Ph.D. candidate Brian Millsap, regional raptor coordinator for U.S. Fish and Wildlife, is the lead author and collaborator with biology professor Robert Rosenfield.
Scott Tappa has been named Assistant to the Dean for Planning, Media and Events. He is responsible for tasks such as planning and promoting the Community Lecture Series, editing the Annual Report and coordinating social media efforts. Tappa is a 1998 graduate of UW-Madison and most recently served as a publisher at F+W Media in Iola, Wis.
The UW-Stevens Point Museum of Natural History hosted experts Joel Greenberg and Jim Krakowski in conjunction with Project Passenger Pigeon, a national campaign to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the bird’s extinction. The museum hosted well-attended lectures by Jim Krakowski and Joel Greenberg, as well as an appearance by artist Mary Bratz, creator of a passenger pigeon portrait for the museum’s exhibit on the bird.